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Samsung Cellular & Multimedia Team

Samsung Cellular and Multimedia Team is a US R&D center for 5G and 6G cellular systems and AI-based multimedia systems. Our team creates future technologies for cellular and multimedia systems and makes them a reality.


Our cellular researchers are pushing the performance boundary of 5G devices. With the completion of 3GPP Rel.15 and Rel.16 specification, 5G has come into commercialization stage as the evolution of specification continues. Driven to enhance the 5G experience for consumers, our researchers are developing advanced algorithms, designing novel RF systems architectures, participating in standardization, and commercializing modem and RF chips.


Building on the success of 5G, we are exploring technologies for the next generation of cellular system, 6G, with the vision of Connected Intelligence. Our 6G research includes enabling new applications, utilizing more spectrum and antennas, improving resource utilization, and fusing intelligence into wireless systems. Our lab is committed to leading 5G and 6G research from the fundamental concept to the global commercialization.


Our AI researchers are developing trail blazing technologies and multimedia applications for mobile and other edge devices. Recently, AI on edge devices started playing an increasingly important role due to benefits like personalization, privacy, and security. We are researching on-device AI to enhance personalized user-experience and latency critical applications. Our researchers are working on R&D from fundamental AI research to application development in speech processing, image and video processing, computational photography, computer vision, and AR/VR. We are committed to leading on-device AI research with the vision of AI Everywhere.

Samsung Cellular & Multimedia Team is part of Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., a US subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation.


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