Quantum Systems, Codes, and Information
Quantum Networks

Entanglement-Assisted Data Transmission as an Enabling Technology: A Link-Layer Perspective

Janis Nötzel, Stephen DiAdamo

Date & Time

01:00 am – 01:00 am


Quantum entanglement as a resource has repeatedly proven to add performance improvements for various tasks in communication and computing, yet no current application justifies a wide spread use of entanglement as a commodity in communication systems. In this work, we detail how the addition of an entanglement storage system at the end-points of a communication link integrated seamlessly into the current Internet can benefit that link's capabilities via a protocol implementing the simple rule to "create entanglement when idle", and use entanglement-assisted communication whenever possible. The benefits are shown with regards to throughput, packet drop-rate, and average packet processing time. The modelling is done in an information-theoretic style, thereby establishing a connecting from information-theoretic capacities to statistical network analysis.


Janis Nötzel

Technical University of Munich

Stephen DiAdamo

Technical University of Munich

Session Chair

Ligong Wang

ETIS Laboratory