Coding for Communications
Polar Codes II

Finite-Level Quantization Procedures for Construction and Decoding of Polar Codes

Yunus Inan, Emre Telatar

Date & Time

01:00 am – 01:00 am


We consider finite-level, symmetric quantization procedures for construction and decoding of polar codes. Whether polarization occurs in the presence of quantization is not known in general. Hassani and Urbanke have shown that a simple three-level quantization procedure polarizes and they have proposed a calculation method to obtain a lower bound for achievable rates. We find an improved calculation method for achievable rates and also the exact asymptotic behavior of the block error probability for the simple case. We then prove that certain D-level quantization schemes polarize and give a lower bound on achievable rates. Furthermore, we show that a broad class of quantization procedures result in a weaker form of the polarization phenomenon.


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Session Chair

Ido Tal

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology