Coding for Communications
Coding for Communications II

Tetrahedral Coding and Non-Unitary Resilience in Polarization-Multiplexed Lightwave Transmissions

Arnaud Dumenil, Elie Awwad, Cyril Measson

Date & Time

01:00 am – 01:00 am


This paper is motivated by polarization-multiplexed optical transmissions and the challenge of designing optimal modulation codes for the 2x2 MIMO fiber channel. This is a specific use case that diverges from the classical MIMO models as non-ergodicity and low-complexity are key. While rather simple from a fundamental viewpoint, the proposed optimal schemes appears to be geometrically pleasing as the second minimum distance turns out to be the object of interest and the associated vectors encode the basis of a regular tetrahedron in the affine space. More operationally, the newly developed polarization codes for single channel use achieve unit dB gains while keeping low implementation complexity.


Arnaud Dumenil

Nokia Bell Labs Paris

Elie Awwad

Nokia Bell Labs Paris

Cyril Measson

Nokia Bell Labs Paris

Session Chair

Andrew Thangaraj

Indian Institute of Technology Madras