Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    On the number of factorizations of polynomials over finite fields

    Rachel N Berman , Ron Roth
  • Lecture

    Optimal Locally Repairable Constacyclic Codes of Prime Power Lengths

    Wei Zhao , Kenneth W. Shum , Shenghao Yang
  • Lecture

    Grassmannian Frames in Composite Dimensions by Exponentiating Quadratic Forms

    Renaud-Alexandre Pitaval , Yi Qin
  • Lecture

    Low-Rank Parity-Check Codes over the Ring of Integers Modulo a Prime Power

    Julian Renner , Sven Puchinger , Antonia Wachter-Zeh , Camilla Hollanti , Ragnar Freij-Hollanti
  • Lecture

    Mass Error-Correction Codes for Polymer-Based Data Storage

    Ryan Gabrys , Srilakshmi Pattabiraman , Olgica Milenkovic
  • Lecture

    Analog Subspace Coding: A New Approach to Coding for Non-Coherent Wireless Networks

    Mahdi Soleymani , Hessam Mahdavifar


Alexander Vardy

University of California, San Diego