Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Binary Subblock Energy-Constrained Codes: Knuth’s Balancing and Sequence Replacement Techniques

    Tuan Thanh Nguyen , Kui Cai , Kees A. Schouhamer Immink
  • Lecture

    Decoding Reed–Muller Codes Using Redundant Code Constraints

    Mengke Lian , Christian Häger , Henry Pfister
  • Lecture

    Constructions of Complex Codebooks Asymptotically Meeting the Welch Bound: A Graph Theoretic Approach

    Shohei Satake , Yujie Gu
  • Lecture

    Generic Decoding in the Sum-Rank Metric

    Sven Puchinger , Julian Renner , Johan Rosenkilde
  • Lecture

    Support Constrained Generator Matrices of Gabidulin Codes in Characteristic Zero

    Hikmet Yildiz , Babak Hassibi , Netanel Raviv
  • Lecture

    A Geometric View of the Service Rates of Codes Problem and its Application to the Service Rate of the First Order Reed-Muller Codes

    Fatemeh Kazemi , Sascha Kurz , Emina Soljanin


Parastoo Sadeghi

Australian National University