Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Computable Lower Bounds for Capacities of Input-Driven Finite-State Channels

    V. Arvind Rameshwar , Navin Kashyap
  • Lecture

    On the Algorithmic Computability of Achievability and Converse: ϵ-Capacity of Compound Channels and Asymptotic Bounds of Error-Correcting Codes

    Holger Boche , Rafael F. Schaefer , H. Vincent Poor
  • Lecture

    Capacity of Continuous Channels with Memory via Directed Information Neural Estimator

    Ziv Aharoni , Dor Tsur , Haim Permuter , Ziv Goldfeld
  • Lecture

    Computability of the Zero-Error capacity with Kolmogorov Oracle

    Holger Boche , Christian Deppe


Tobias Koch

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid