Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    On the Optimality of Two Decentralized Coded Caching Schemes With and Without Error Correction

    Nujoom Sageer Karat , Balaji Sundar Rajan , Kodi Lakshmi Vijith Bhargav
  • Lecture

    An Optimal Linear Error Correcting Scheme for Shared Caching with Small Cache Sizes

    Sonu Rathi , Monolina Dutta , Anoop Thomas
  • Lecture

    Extending the Optimality Range of Multi-Antenna Coded Caching with Shared Caches

    Emanuele Parrinello , Eleftherios Lampiris , Petros Elia
  • Lecture

    Eliminating Pairing Loss for Coded Caching with Three Erasure-Coded Servers

    Aniruddha Phatak , Mahesh Varanasi
  • Lecture

    An Upper Bound on the Capacity-Memory Tradeoff of Interleavable Discrete Memoryless Broadcast Channels with Uncoded Prefetching

    Mohamed Salman , Mahesh Varanasi