Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Fundamental Limits of Wireless Caching Under Mixed Cacheable and Uncacheable Traffic

    Hamdi Joudeh , Eleftherios Lampiris , Giuseppe Caire , Petros Elia
  • Lecture

    A New Design Framework on D2D Coded Caching with Optimal Rate and Less Subpacketizations

    Xiang Zhang , Mingyue Ji , Xianfeng (Terry) Yang
  • Lecture

    Novel Converse for Device-to-Device Demand-Private Caching with a Trusted Server

    Hua Sun , Kai Wan , Mingyue Ji , Daniela Tuninetti , Giuseppe Caire
  • Lecture

    Successive Refinement to Caching for Dynamic Requests

    Pinar Sen , Michael Gastpar , Young-Han Kim
  • Lecture

    Cache-Aided Scalar Linear Function Retrieval

    Kai Wan , Hua Sun , Daniela Tuninetti , Mingyue Ji , Giuseppe Caire


Mingyue Ji

University of Utah