Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Coded Computation Against Straggling Channel Decoders in the Cloud for Gaussian Channels

    Jinwen Shi , Cong Ling , Osvaldo Simeone , Jörg Kliewer
  • Lecture

    Low Complexity Distributed Computing via Binary Matrices with Extension to Stragglers

    Shailja Agrawal , Prasad Krishnan
  • Lecture

    Heterogeneous Computation Assignments in Coded Elastic Computing

    Nicholas Woolsey , Rong-Rong Chen , Mingyue Ji
  • Lecture

    Optimizing the Transition Waste in Coded Elastic Computing

    Son Hoang Dau , Ryan Gabrys , Yu-Chih Huang , Chen Feng , Quang-Hung Luu , Eidah Alzahrani , Zahir Tari
  • Lecture

    Improved Computation-Communication Trade-Off for Coded Distributed Computing using Linear Dependence of Intermediate Values

    Shunsuke Horii
  • Lecture

    Coded Computing in Unknown Environment via Online Learning

    Chien-Sheng Yang , Ramtin Pedarsani , Salman Avestimehr


Gauri Joshi

Carnegie Mellon University