Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Diversity vs. Parallelism in Distributed Computing with Redundancy

    Pei Peng , Emina Soljanin , Philip Whiting
  • Lecture

    Efficient Maximum-Likelihood Decoding of Reed-Muller RM(m-3,m) Codes

    Andrew Thangaraj , Henry Pfister
  • Lecture

    A New Construction of QAM Golay Complementary Sequence Pair

    Zilong Wang , Erzhong Xue , Guang Gong
  • Lecture

    Multi-Label and Concatenated Neural Block Decoders

    Cheuk Ting Leung , Rajshekhar Bhat , Mehul Motani
  • Lecture

    Graceful degradation over the BEC via non-linear codes

    Hajir Roozbehani , Yury Polyanskiy


Paul Siegel

University of California, San Diego