Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Time-Frequency Division Multiple Access and the TFDMA Ad Hoc Network Based on the (n, n(n-1), n-1) Permutation Group Codes

    Li Peng
  • Lecture

    An Efficient Algorithm for Designing Optimal CRCs for Tail-Biting Convolutional Codes

    Hengjie Yang , Linfang Wang , Vincent Lau , Richard D. Wesel
  • Lecture

    Low-Complexity Chase Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes through Basis Reduction

    Jiongyue Xing , Li Chen , Martin Bossert
  • Lecture

    Twisted-Pair Superposition Transmission for Low Latency Communications

    Suihua Cai , Xiao Ma
  • Lecture

    Tetrahedral Coding and Non-Unitary Resilience in Polarization-Multiplexed Lightwave Transmissions

    Arnaud Dumenil , Elie Awwad , Cyril Measson
  • Lecture

    Noise Recycling

    Alejandro Cohen , Amit Solomon , Ken R. Duffy , Muriel Medard


Andrew Thangaraj

Indian Institute of Technology Madras