Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Coded QR Decomposition

    Quang Minh Nguyen , Haewon Jeong , Pulkit Grover
  • Lecture

    Product Lagrange Coded Computing

    Adarsh M. Subramaniam , Anoosheh Heidarzadeh , Asit Kumar Pradhan , Krishna Narayanan
  • Lecture

    PolyShard: Coded Sharding Achieves Linearly Scaling Efficiency and Security Simultaneously

    Songze Li , Mingchao Yu , Chien-Sheng Yang , Salman Avestimehr , Sreeram Kannan , Pramod Viswanath
  • Lecture

    Incremental ADMM with Privacy-Preservation for Decentralized Consensus Optimization

    Yu Ye , Hao Chen , Ming Xiao , Mikael Skoglund , H. Vincent Poor


Alex Dimakis

University of Texas at Austin