Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    A Universal Low Complexity Compression Algorithm for Sparse Marked Graphs

    Payam Delgosha , Venkat Anantharam
  • Lecture

    On a Redundancy of AIFV-m Codes for m = 3, 5

    Ryusei Fujita , Ken-ichi Iwata , Hirosuke Yamamoto
  • Lecture

    A Universal Data Compression Scheme based on the AIVF Coding Techniques

    Hirosuke Yamamoto , Kengo Hashimoto , Ken-ichi Iwata , Koki Imaeda
  • Lecture

    On D-ary Fano Codes

    Ferdinando Cicalese , Eros Rossi
  • Lecture

    $O(\log \log n)$ Worst-Case Local Decoding and Update Efficiency for Data Compression

    Shashank Vatedka , Venkat Chandar , Aslan Tchamkerten
  • Lecture

    Data Deduplication with Random Substitutions

    Hao Lou , Farzad Farnoud


Marcelo Weinberger

Center for Science of Information