Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Approximate Recovery Of Ising Models with Side Information

    Saurabh Sihag , Ali Tajer
  • Lecture

    Minimax Prediction in Tree Ising Models

    Mina Karzand , Guy Bresler
  • Lecture

    Characterizing the Bethe Partition Function of Double-Edge Factor Graphs via Graph Covers

    Pascal Vontobel , Yuwen Huang
  • Lecture

    Online Variational Message Passing in Hierarchical Autoregressive Models

    Albert Podusenko , Wouter Marco Kouw , Bert de Vries
  • Lecture

    k-Connectivity in Random Graphs induced by Pairwise Key Predistribution Schemes

    Mansi Sood , Osman Yagan
  • Lecture

    Temporal Ordered Clustering in Dynamic Networks

    Krzysztof Turowski , Jithin Sreedharan , Wojciech Szpankowski
  • Lecture

    Community Detection with Secondary Latent Variables

    Mohammad Esmaeili , Aria Nosratinia


Emmanuel Abbe

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne