Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Strong Converse for Testing Against Independence over a Noisy channel

    Sreejith Sreekumar , Deniz Gunduz
  • Lecture

    Hypothesis Testing Against Independence Under Gaussian Noise

    Abdellatif Zaidi
  • Lecture

    Second-Order Asymptotics of Sequential Hypothesis Testing

    Yonglong Li , Vincent Y. F. Tan
  • Lecture

    Data-Driven Representations for Testing Independence: A Connection with Mutual Information Estimation

    Mauricio Gonzales , Jorge F. Silva
  • Lecture

    Recovering Structure of Noisy Data through Hypothesis Testing

    Minoh Jeong , Martina Cardone , Alex Dytso , H. Vincent Poor
  • Lecture

    On the Error Exponent of Approximate Sufficient Statistics for M-ary Hypothesis Testing

    Jiachun Pan , Vincent Y. F. Tan , Yonglong Li , Yonina C. Eldar


Jonathan Scarlett

National University of Singapore