Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Delay-Optimal Coding for Secure Transmission over Parallel Burst Erasure Channels with an Eavesdropper

    Anna Frank
  • Lecture

    Secure Information Exchange for Omniscience

    Chung Chan , Navin Kashyap , Praneeth Kumar Vippathalla , Qiaoqiao Zhou
  • Lecture

    Secure Computation to Hide Functions of Inputs

    Gowtham R. Kurri , Vinod M. Prabhakaran
  • Lecture

    Network Information Theoretic Security

    Hongchao Zhou , Abbas El Gamal
  • Lecture

    Authentication with Mildly Myopic Adversaries

    Allison Beemer , Eric Graves , Paul Yu , Oliver Kosut , Jörg Kliewer


Matthieu Bloch

Georgia Institute of Technology