Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Covering Codes for Insertions and Deletions

    Andreas Lenz , Paul Siegel , Cyrus Rashtchian , Eitan Yaakobi
  • Lecture

    Weight Enumerators for Number-Theoretic Codes and Cardinalities of Tenengolts' Non-binary Codes

    Takayuki Nozaki
  • Lecture

    Error-correcting Codes for Short Tandem Duplication and Substitution Errors

    Yuanyuan Tang , Farzad Farnoud
  • Lecture

    Optimal Codes for the q-ary Deletion Channel

    Jin Sima , Ryan Gabrys , Jehoshua Bruck
  • Lecture

    Codes Correcting Synchronization Errors for Symbol-Pair Read Channels

    Yeow Meng Chee , Van Khu Vu


Eitan Yaakobi

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology