Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Binary Hypothesis Testing with Deterministic Finite-Memory Decision Rules

    Tomer Berg , Or Ordentlich , Ofer Shayevitz
  • Lecture

    A Universal Low Complexity Compression Algorithm for Sparse Marked Graphs

    Payam Delgosha , Venkat Anantharam
  • Lecture

    Lifted Reed-Solomon Codes with Application to Batch Codes

    Lukas Holzbaur , Rina Polyanskaya , Nikita Polyanskii , Ilya Vorobyev
  • Lecture

    Quantum Blahut-Arimoto Algorithms

    Navneeth Ramakrishnan , Raban Iten , Volkher Scholz , Mario Berta
  • Lecture

    Active Learning for Classification with Abstention

    Shubhanshu Shekhar , Tara Javidi , Mohammad Ghavamzadeh
  • Lecture

    Private Set Intersection Using Multi-Message Symmetric Private Information Retrieval

    Zhusheng Wang , Karim Banawan , Sennur Ulukus