Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Strong Coordination with Side Information

    Viswanathan Ramachandran , Sibi Raj B Pillai , Vinod M. Prabhakaran
  • Lecture

    Source Coding for Synthesizing Correlated Randomness

    Touheed Anwar Atif , Arun Padakandla , Sandeep Pradhan
  • Lecture

    Explicit Construction of Multiple Access Channel Resolvability Codes from Source Resolvability Codes

    Rumia Sultana , Remi A. Chou
  • Lecture

    A Functional Construction of Codes for Multiple Access and Broadcast Channels

    Shouvik Ganguly , Lele Wang , Young-Han Kim
  • Lecture

    Quadratically Constrained Two-way Adversarial Channels

    Yihan Zhang , Sidharth Jaggi , Shashank Vatedka


Chandra Nair

Chinese University of Hong Kong