Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    A Four-Qubits Code that is a Quantum Deletion Error-Correcting Code with the Optimal Length

    Manabu Hagiwara , Ayumu Nakayama
  • Lecture

    Linear programming bounds for quantum amplitude damping codes

    Ching-Yi Lai , Yingkai Ouyang
  • Lecture

    Fidelity of Finite Length Quantum Codes in Qubit Erasure Channel

    Alexei Ashikhmin
  • Lecture

    Trimming Decoding of Color Codes over the Quantum Erasure Channel

    Sangjun Lee , Mehdi Mhalla , Valentin Savin
  • Lecture

    Classical Coding Problem from Transversal T Gates

    Narayanan Rengaswamy , Robert Calderbank , Michael Newman , Henry Pfister
  • Lecture

    Reinforcement Learning with Neural Networks for Quantum Multiple Hypothesis Testing

    Sarah Anne Brandsen , Kevin Stubbs , Henry Pfister


Gilles Zemor

Universite de Bordeaux