Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Rényi Divergence rates of Ergodic Markov Chains: existence, explicit expressions and properties

    Valérie Girardin , Philippe Regnault
  • Lecture

    On the Second- and Third-Order Asymptotics of Smooth Rényi Entropy and Their Applications

    Yuta Sakai , Vincent Y. F. Tan
  • Lecture

    Optimum Source Resolvability Rate with Respect to f-Divergences Using the Smooth Renyi Entropy

    Ryo Nomura , Hideki Yagi
  • Lecture

    On the Rényi Entropy of Log-Concave Sequences

    James Melbourne , Tomasz Tkocz
  • Lecture

    Rényi Bounds on Information Combining

    Christoph Hirche
  • Lecture

    Explicit Renyi Entropy for Hidden Markov Models

    Maciej Skorski , Joachim Breitner


Ofer Shayevitz

Tel Aviv University