Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    Secret Key Generation From Vector Gaussian Sources With Public and Private Communications

    Yinfei Xu , Daming Cao
  • Lecture

    A Two-way QKD Protocol Outperforming One-way Protocols at Low QBER

    Jari Veli Elias Lietzén , Roope Iikanpoika Vehkalahti , Olav Tirkkonen
  • Lecture

    Private Computation with Individual and Joint Privacy

    Anoosheh Heidarzadeh , Alex Sprintson
  • Lecture

    Private Function Computation

    Behrooz Tahmasebi , Mohammad Ali Maddah-Ali
  • Lecture

    Uplink Cost Adjustable Schemes in Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication

    Jaber Kakar , Anton Khristoforov , Seyedhamed Ebadifar , Aydin Sezgin


Yuval Kochman

Hebrew University of Jerusalem