Session Presentations

  • Lecture

    On The Capacity of Gaussian MIMO Channels Under Interference Constraints

    Sergey Loyka
  • Lecture

    Bounding the Achievable Region of Sparse NOMA

    Benjamin M. Zaidel , Ori Shental , Shlomo Shamai (Shitz)
  • Lecture

    Resource Allocation in Low Density Spreading Uplink NOMA via Asymptotic Analysis

    Hossein Asgharimoghaddam , Antti Tölli
  • Lecture

    Rate–Diversity Optimal Multiblock Space–Time Codes via Sum-Rank Codes

    Mohannad Shehadeh , Frank R. Kschischang
  • Lecture

    On MIMO Gaussian Wiretap Channels with Optimal Energy Harvesting

    Nima Tavangaran , Mojtaba Vaezi , H. Vincent Poor
  • Lecture

    Information-Energy Capacity Region for SWIPT Systems with Power Amplifier Nonlinearity

    Ioannis Krikidis


Elza Erkip

New York University